For her first engagement with The London Design Festival in 2015, Rose presented a collection of Humble Tables and Stools – English vernacular furniture from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries created by itinerant wood-turners in the Beech Wood hills of Berkshire. Simple yet undeniably beautiful they represent the very best of early domestic design and speak directly to a contemporary appreciation for rawness and honest functionality, the natural patinations of age and usage. 

Three years on and for LDF 2018, Rose revisits one of these pieces, a small four-legged stool that became such a favourite that it now forms part of her personal collection. Rose has cast the stool in bronze using the lost wax technique to form a precision copy, a snapshot frozen in time with every fissure, knock, dink and crack of the original piece faithfully replicated in a Limited Edition of Twelve. 

Just as the wooden original continues to age through its usage, its bronze twin now embarks on its own of journey of wear and patination. 

View The Bronze Stool here