Initially launched in the Summer of 2017, Rose’s unique collection of 186 fabrics, is a curated range of linens, wools, hemps and velvets. Originally conceived to serve her interior design and antiques business, Rose was persuaded to make some of her favorite fabrics more widely available; working closely with mills, traders and artisans, to produce beautiful practical cloth of the finest calibre.

The range uses only 100% natural fibres, with no synthetic elements. RU Fabric is perfectly suited to upholstery, furnishing, wall coverings and drapery. With fabrics chosen to work separately or to complement to each other in combination, they are equally at home in traditional or modern interiors. The fabrics are custom-dyed in Rose’s own distinctive colour palette; from serene neutrals and earthy muted tones to vibrant jewel-like colours. 

For Phase Three launching in Spring 2019, Rose has continued to expand the range, with 71 new fabrics which includes a variety of new colours and textures. Also in keeping with our company ethos to pursue the use of ethically sourced materials, we are also introducing a collection of organic and ecological textiles to the collection.

View the RU Fabric collection

Cotton Velvet in Moss

Cotton Velvet in Iolite

Cotton Velvet in Butternut

Cotton Velvet in Onyx

Cotton Velvet/Alpaca in Muffle

Mohair Velvet in Peach Melba