Rose Uniacke is delighted to announce the launch of RU Fabric, a capsule collection of essential options designed to meet most interior design requirements. The first phase of this multi-faceted collection comprises a stunning range of linens, wools and cotton velvets. The second phase, introduced in November 2017, includes the addition of sheers, cotton tickings and textured linens. Rose has recently added a range of wools and mohair velvets.

Rose has worked closely with mills, traders and artisans, to produce beautiful fabrics of the finest quality, custom dyed and presented within her own distinctive palette. From serene  neutrals in earthy muted tones to vibrant jewel-like colours, they are designed to work separately or to complement to each other. They are equally suited to traditional or modern interiors.

Each fabric has been chosen for its distinctive character and versatility. They are tactile and practical. The fabrics are picked for the emotional response they evoke and contribute, be it luxury or serenity, indulgence or humble simplicity.

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Cotton Velvet in Moss

Cotton Velvet in Iolite

Cotton Velvet in Butternut