Free Composition of Ceramic Briquettes by Pierre Digan | Rose Uniacke

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Free Composition of Ceramic Briquettes by Pierre Digan

By Pierra Digan, read more.

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About this piece

Made by Pierre Digan and designed by Bruno Charpentier

France, circa 1975

Consisting of 300 fired components with an iron-spotted textured glaze

Exhibition and bibliography: 48th Salon (of the Society) Decorative Artists, Paris, 1975-An identical cloister presented during this event and reproduced in the catalog published on this occasion

This is the very opposite of conceptual art. Instead of airily escaping the physical nature of Art into a world of thought, the 'bricks' insist on their material reality, their order and their crafted simplicity. By using real-world objects Digan pushes the viewer to confront the physical, industrial world anew and engage with the surrounding space.

This is Art that is tired of illusion. It is stripped of any artifice, just material and arrangement. 1970's Minimalist Art (exemplified by Carl Andre & Donald Judd) and its umbrella of influence grabs this 'concept' and runs with it. Minimalism should also be seen in its historical place; it was in large part a reaction to post-war abstract expressionism, typified by artists such as Jackson Pollock and Francis Bacon, who saw painting as an emotional, existential act.

As Carl Andre explains: "What has been my search is really for a material, a particle of a material. It's finding a material or a unit of material like a brick of the right size and the right shade and density and so forth - from finding this particle, I would combine it with others to make a work."


H 7.5cm x W 22.5cm x D 7.5cm
H 3" x W 9" x D 3"

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