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'Torcheres dites Flammes' Wall Light

By Serge Mouille, read more.

About this piece

Designed & manufactured by Serge Mouille

France, 1962

Exhibited: Serge Mouille: Lumières et Rémanences. Château Thierry, Aisne, France (see Image 2)

The fourth image shows a pair of torcheres above a bookcase in a 1960s Paris interior

Pierre Émile Pralus writes perfectly about the 'Flame' light in his 2006 monograph on Mouille:

"Three days before the Salon des Arts Ménagers opened in February 1962, a stretch of wall in the stand was empty. What was to be put there? Serge Mouille consulted his arsenal of shapes, including, needless to say, the Cone:

 - oval shaped, it produced the Moule;

 - cut and developed horizontally, the Escargot;

 - torn in the middle, the Saturne;

 - coiled on itself, the Conque.

All that remained to do was to cut it into a spiral like the Escargot but develop it vertically....The wall lamp was hung on the wall using a ring. Manufacure was in the hands of Serge Mouille himself, because his associate Rogier still could not manage to symmetrically coil a right-hand wall lamps and a left-hand wall lamp to create a pair. Each pair took three-quarters of an hour for the cutting and shaping operations. In spite of the success enjoyed by this model, Serge Mouille's reluctance, which put off this lengthy and demanding work until the last minute, guaranteed that not many of these models were produced.

In addition, here was a model which grouped together every factor that had certain shortcomings:

 - types of lamps (wall lamps) that had become somewhat obselete;

 - very conspicuous "1950's" aesthetic

 - rather poor objective capacity for lighting;

 - ordinary materials;

 - and last of all, extreme fragility.

How many 'Torchères' must have been crushed with no remorse!"

REF: A French Classic - Serge Mouille.   Pierre Émile Pralus (Pub. Les Éditions du Mont Thou)


H 60cm x Dia. 30cm
H 23¾" x Dia. 12"

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